7 Reasons Rustic Looking Hardwood Flooring Is a Hot Trend in 2017

rustic hardwood flooring

People often ask our opinion about which types of hardwood flooring Barrie homeowners should consider installing. Rustic looking hardwood flooring is one of our top suggestions. Right now rustic flooring is a hot item in all of North America, but it's especially appropriate for use in Barrie and the surrounding areas. Let's take an in-depth look at some of the lifestyle and design trends driving the demand for this type of flooring. Let's also discuss 7 of the main reasons rustic flooring is so popular right now.

1. Rustic Hardwood Flooring Complements Mountain Modern Style Home Design

The mountain modern interior design style is a newly emerging trend that's popular in both Canada and the USA right now. It's particularly relevant in the mountainous areas surrounding ski resorts. For those who aren't familiar with this style, mountain modern is basically a new evolutionary update on the rustic ski lodge theme -- usually minus the prominent moose and bear motifs. Think sophisticated yet gritty, earthy yet industrial. It's the sort of design you'd get if you were to fuse the interior styles of a downtown hipster loft and an upscale condo at the ski slopes.

The recipe for mountain modern style interiors: rustic hardwood flooring plus large, spectacular picture glass windows plus industrial chic furnishings. You might also find elements like rough textured walls made of brick, pipes that are exposed rather than hidden and trendy new RLM light fixtures. Whatever else you include, the rustic wood flooring is typically a central focal point in this design style.

2. Rustic Looking Floors Match Log Cabin Interiors

The traditional log cabin is still a big thing in North America. Not everybody wants the latest fads, and a log cabin is enduring.

A rustic styled hardwood floor makes the ideal foundation for all the major design elements you could desire in a log cabin home environment. It's exactly the flooring you'd want beneath a sheepskin or cowhide area rug. Add a glowing fireplace in the background, some leather chairs and timber beams, or whatever other furnishings would please you. The only essential ingredient is the rustic wood floor.

3. Distressed Hardwood Floors Complement Trendy Modern Design

Modern style interior design can go in bunches of different directions, and a tastefully distressed hardwood floor can go right along with it -- no matter which direction you desire to take in your home's decorating scheme. A wood floor can harmonize well with mid-century modern, industrial modern, minimalist modern and modernist modern design styles. Whether you're decorating with mid-century tulip chairs or an up-to-the-minute leather sectional sofa, you can't go wrong with a wood floor underneath it all.

4. Rustic Hardwood Floors Complete Country Style Interior Spaces

Country style home decorating is still going strong in 2017, although some people are calling it by other names now. "Farmhouse style" is one noteworthy example of a renamed country style. This is basically a transitional style that can incorporate an eclectic mix of vintage, traditional, country style and contemporary design elements.

Rustic looking hardwood flooring is the perfect complement to any country style interior space. Whether you want to decorate a farmhouse style environment, a country romantic interior or a traditional country style space, a rustic wood floor will harmonize with the furnishings effortlessly. The knotty wood grained patterning on a rustic floor makes a lovely counterpoint for the hand hooked area rugs and classic braided rag rugs that country style decorators favor.

5. Rustic Wood Flooring Can Be Styled Any Way You Like

We took a look at some of the most popular current design styles that can incorporate rustic wood floors. We could keep going with the list, but by now you have the idea: Hardwood flooring works well with any design theme and any style.

A wood floor can accommodate any home d├ęcor changes your family may need to make in the future. Maybe you'll want to transform a room from a colorful guest bedroom into a pastel colored nursery as your family anticipates the arrival of a sweet new baby. Maybe you'll decide to take on some freelance work, and you'll want to install a new home office. Whatever your future decorating needs might be, a wood floor is the ideal foundation to decorate around. Once you've completed the hardwood floor installation process, you can change the finish on the flooring relatively easily if need be. If you decide in the future that you want the floor to be a different color or have a different level of shine, you can do a quick buff and recoat rather than having to install a whole new floor.

6. Rustic Hardwood Flooring Is a Low-Maintenance Solution

Nobody wants to deal with more floor maintenance chores than they have to -- and a rustic wood floor is ideal as far as low-maintenance flooring goes.

A reclaimed, distressed or hand-scraped wood floor is particularly low-maintenance. This sort of flooring is ideal to install in high traffic zones in your home. It's unlikely that anyone would notice one more dent, scrape or scratch on a reclaimed floor or one that has hand-scraped texture and distressing. In fact, a few new dings and dents might add to its characteristic appeal. In contrast, every mark on a new carpet requires immediate attention, and it is a real challenge to keep carpet looking pristine.

This ease of maintenance is extremely attractive to homeowners, and it is one of the many reasons for the prolonged popularity of rustic hardwood flooring.

7. A Rustic Hardwood Floor Is an Investment for the Future

A solid hardwood floor offers you longevity, as its charm will endure far into the future. Once you install a wood floor, it can last several lifetimes if you're proactive about maintaining it responsibly. This holds true whether you choose cabin grade red oak flooring, blonde maple hardwood flooring, character grade walnut flooring or rustic flooring made from any number of other hardwood species.

Homeowners who choose hardwood floor installation over carpeting sometimes do so because of the wood floor's long-term investment potential. You can look forward to years of enjoyment once your hardwood floor is in place. The investment is sound because you won't need to keep reinvesting money in your floors every few years like you would if you were to install carpeting. With all long-term replacement costs considered, wood flooring usually works out dramatically cheaper than carpet -- even in cases when the initial expense for wood flooring is much higher.

If you plan to sell your home, hardwood floors are a major talking point that's likely to attract attention from buyers. Potential home buyers tend to prefer wood floors, which is another reason rustic wood flooring has been so popular.

Now you're updated on 7 of the top reasons rustic looking wood flooring has been such a big thing lately. If you're interested in obtaining samples of the rustic hardwood flooring Barrie homeowners are most enthusiastic about right now, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms or give us a call at (705) 466-9997 to book an appointment.

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